Guitar Setups

Is your guitar buzzing or hard to play? Having setup issues corrected will tweak your instrument to play better.

Guitar Upgrades

Want to get the most out of your instrument? Upgrades such as new pickups can affordably improve tone.

Amp Services

Is your amp not sounding quite right? New tubes and biasing could get your amp back to full health!

The work I do includes full setups (string changes, neck relief, string height and action), electronic repairs/replacements (pickups, pots, capacitors, jacks) pickup upgrades, custom wirings (including but not limited to coil tap, coil split, series parallel switching, phase inversion).

If there is any other work you might want done, please do enquire.

For full list of services, with prices, please scroll down.

About Sussex Guitar Setups

Sussex Guitar Setups is an independent local business offering professional guitar setups, electric repairs and pickup installations.

As a setups specialist, my interest is to help get the most out of your existing instrument within your budget, rather than sell you a new one! Based in the heart of sussex and accepting work via courier, SGS caters to a wider region of clients. I have been setting up and modifying my own instruments for a number of years, then started doing it for members of my bands; which has led me to set up this small, home run business so others can benefit from my experience.

About Jaz

Jaz is an experienced and professional sound technician and musician. He has performed as a session musician, as well as playing in his bands. He is passionate about live music, and loves working with new musicians through his work with Rocky Lane Records and recording new acts with Santoro Audio. Jaz also teaches bass and guitar, with Guitarlearn. Throughout his almost life-long music career, he has performed at prestigious and popular venues across Brighton and London including Komedia, Concorde 2, Charles Cryer Theatre and The Bull & Gate.


Setup Strings are not included in the price but can be supplied, starting at £5. £20
+Floating Trem Option An additional £5 charge is added for floating trem / Floyd Rose style guitars. +£5
+Acoustic Option An additional £5 charge is added for Acoustic guitars. +£5

Fret Level Includes filing, reshaping and polishing. £75
+Set Neck Option For set neck guitars there is a £10 surcharge. +£10

Nut Or Saddle Fitting Parts not included but available, enquire for acoustic or electric part prices. £15
+Nut & Acoustic Saddle This includes both acoustic nut fitting and acoustic saddle fitting for a discount. +£5

New Pickup Have a single new pickup fitted (parts not included). £25
+Extra Pickup Each additional new pickup after the first is charged at a discount rate. +£10

Repair Wiring If your sound cuts out or there is noise, wiring may be the problem. £15
+Custom Wiring Fit a coil tap, killswitch or have other new parts fitted. Parts not included in price. +£5 minimum
+Full Wiring Package Fit all new electronics including pots, switches, wire and input jack. (parts not included) +£15

Amp retubing Tubes not included but can be supplied, enquire for tube prices for your model. £15
+Biasing Option Tube biasing is available for an additional £15. +£15

Please note: all prices are for labour only unless specified, I can source parts or you may provide them yourself.
We also accept PayPal and Credit/Debit card payments.


How can I help you?
Phone: 07429 332 495

Please get in touch, whether you're looking for a precise quote or just want some advice, I'm happy to help and enjoy working on guitars of all shapes and sizes!

Finding us:
My home workshop is located in Burgess Hill; a few minutes from the town centre. I also offer services by courier across the UK, my address is ex-directory but available on request.